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The CEO Club UK has been founded with the support of its founder, the 30-year old CEO Clubs.

CEO Clubs has 11 chapters in the USA and a rapidly expanding membership in China, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, UAE and the Middle East.

The CEO Clubs Middle East is the headquarters of the region serving emerging chapters in all of the Middle East and North African countries as well as India, Pakistan and Iran.

CEO Clubs Worldwide share their membership resources and offers business connections throughout the World, but rest assured your data is secure and will never be shared with a third party without your permission.

Members of the CEO Clubs UK automatically become members of the CEO Clubs USA, Middle East and China.
Offer members a nurturing international environment for global management idea exchange, efficient distribution of transnational business resources, and multi-cultural experience for operational experience, business resources and individual growth sharing, and more freedom for individual member development.

The CEO Clubs Middle East has created the Middle East-American Super Presidential Advisory Council, which provides international operations consultation services for Middle East enterprise, and the CEO International Business Service Centre, an organization for transnational trade services.

After joining the CEO Clubs members are positioned to get access to fellow members the international market, introduce foreign enterprises to the domestic market, create a favourable international business environment for its members, expand their social resources and strive for a win-win result.

Join the international groups coming to the region, or visit the CEO Clubs events in China, USA, UK, Korea, Italy and Germany.
  • CEO Clubs have more than 11,000 exclusive CEOs members worldwide from all industries.
  • CEO Clubs membership equals business success.
  • Expand your business with CEO Clubs UK.
  • Business to Business Networking.
  • Linking business with USA, UAE, UK, China, Middle East, India, Greece, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Africa, Vietnam, Singapore and other Countries.
  • Get connected with a world of business opportunities.
  • Bringing world Business with Investment opportunities.
  • Introduce and explore your business to CEO Clubs members in UK and 10 other countries.
  • Attend Exclusive Business networking events all the CEO club chapters in the world.
  • Special VIP Invitations for local and International business & commercial events.
  • Business meetings for CEO CLUBS UK members with Public and Private Official.
  • Be part of International CEO Clubs business delegations and CEOs Group meetings all over the world.
  • Exclusive Seminars & Training sessions only for CEO CLUBS UK members by International recognize speakers.
  • Get connected & do business with business leaders in your industry locally or internationally.
  • Assist & Find the right partner for your business in UK.
  • Regular monthly business Meetings & Get together in London, UK.
  • CEO Clubs platform can be use by members only for launching & promoting business in UK.
  • Luxury Limo/Bus/Boat or Yacht Charter Service.
  • Consulting Services for setting up company or business in UK, UAE or Internationally.
  • Research, Reports, Market Data, Business Contacts Worldwide.
  • Free Domain and Hosting for each CEO Clubs member.M
  • Access to exclusive clubs in many International cities.
  • Access to the Top Tier Business contacts worldwide.
  • An opportunity to be an exclusive founding or regular member and network with fellow CEOs in the Region.
  • An opportunity to join over 32 years old knowledge sharing business networking organization.
Company owners, Chairman, Presidents and CEO’s from organizations that want to grow their business.

CEO Clubs will enable you to enter or expand your business around the World through the most effective networking and business development forums, events, gatherings, hospitality functions and the most dynamic and interactive online community in the World!

Steve Case, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and some China’s top CEO’s are just some of the people who have benefited from CEO Clubs membership - Many mergers and acquisitions have been created and are noted through the last 30 years as some of the year benefits of being a member, but there are many reasons why you would want to be part of the World’s largest business group.
  • Create new contacts Worldwide
  • Develop new business development opportunities Worldwide
  • Create merger and acquisition connections
  • Executive recruitment, where the best positions get heard of first
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Executive training and learning content and events
  • New experiences, new partnerships, new friends Worldwide
  • Create new cultural development and understanding
  • VIP passes to top events – first option advantage
  • Tickets for top events Worldwide, (Olympics, World Cup, Super bowl, Cricket, Rugby, concerts)
Enjoy exchange trips to USA, UAE, China, Korea, Japan, South Africa, India and Pakistan